Sunday, June 19, 2011


My preference is a single perfect cheeseburger not a lot of little ones. Too much bun. But little ones are popular - Harry's Bar & Burger (see 6/4/10 post) on North Main (401-228-7437) in Providence has been successful selling bitty burgers and lots of beer to a very young clientele in a restaurant not much bigger than the sliders. /

Next door, at 125 North Main (401-273-9090), the newly reborn XO Steakhouse (quickly transformed from Cafe Noir via paint,  snappy awning and a more conventional - i.e. locavore, etc. - and more expensive, menu) serves big burgers at the bar. Note: bar menu is distinct from table menu. Pronounced terrible by a friend, the burgers were topped with something called "chicken fried bacon" which didn't go over well. Sampling from the table menu (house-made tenderloin meatloaf and baby roast chicken) was more successful although not ah-inducing. The physical redo from Cafe Noir is barely noticeable but the wait staff is new and better. The intention, reportedly, was to attract a hipper crowd (read younger, spending more on drinks).

Really good sliders are on the menu downtown at the revamped Tazza (250 Westminster St, Providence  401-421-3300). In fact, all the small plates we tried were satisfying. Of course, we had just walked a couple of miles and were happy to be in out of the rain. Still, all was good (especially the Thai curry soup bowl) and the sliders were terrific. The new Tazza is very modern and I'm sure there is some grumbling about that. No more comfy lounge seats but no more people in residence for the day either.

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