Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The demise of French pastry classes at The French Tarte in Pawtucket (actually, the demise of the whole business) caused me to look around and see who else is cooking in Rhode Island. Cooks know the Al Forno site for classes so enough about them. Some other offerings you hear about are tough to assess - chefs/bakers are unknown or restaurants not impressive - but if you spend anytime downtown or at Gracie's ( you will know about Ellie's Bakery (61 Washington Street, Providence  401-228-8118).
bryan ochalla

Here's your opportunity to work hands-on with Melissa Denmark and Allison Hertz, discovering how to create macarons or, if you are experienced, how to hone your skill with decorating techniques and more exotic flavors. Not obsessed with macarons? Learn to make pâte à choux and go on an éclair binge. Or learn basic cake-decorating, bread-baking, pie-making, and more.

Classes are mostly $85 a session except for Macaron classes which are $100. Some are two hours long, most are three.

Check out Ellie's website  and make  plans now for 2015.