Friday, March 26, 2010

When You Need Sweets


A long time has elapsed since the holidays and it's okay to be bad again. Try a packet of chocolate-covered grey salt caramels from SIMPLE PLEASURES (6 Richmond Square, Providence, RI 401-331-4120). The salt caramels are famous, made by Fran's Chocolates in Seattle. The eclectic Simple Pleasures  has a small selection of candy (and I suspect the owner likes caramels because in one form or another they are always there) so take a look. Right now, there are not-run-of-the-mill Easter chocolates and fantastic sugar picture eggs made in Massachusetts. These are the sugar eggs that some adult steered you away from when you were a kid, saying, it's only sugar, you don't want that. And you did want it, so badly. So buy one for a child. Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

RHODE ISLAND ROCKS is a local business, a brother-sister operation drawing on their mother's talents (of course). Their product is a little bag of "rocks" made simply of chocolate-covered peanuts, pretzels and raisins. Addictive.They are sold at Eastside Market, both Whole Foods and many other Providence and R.I. locations.

The CUPCAKERIE (1860 Broad St, Cranston, RI 401-4672601)  doesn't confine itself to chocolate so that's why you should buy the container of nine assorted mini-cupcakes, divide them in half, share them with a maximum of three persons and evaluate all flavors. It's a good method (we've used it for french macaroons) and it saves you from acts of unspeakable gluttony, just barely. The Cupcakerie makes great icing whatever the flavor. See them/eat them at the Pawtucket Wintertime market on Saturdays.

ciao bella now makes malted milk ball gelato. too much of a good thing?

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