Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Morning


Once, when we were in a doughnut-indulgence phase and in mourning because our favorites were no longer available, we followed a blog lead to ALLIE'S DONUTS (3661 Quaker Lane, a/k/a Rte 2, North Kingstown  401-295-8036) and were rewarded for the detour. The doughnuts were good, not a replacement for our loss but very good. Early on Sunday a few weeks ago I walked the length of Ives Street and came upon EASTSIDE CREAMERY (170 Ives St, Providence 401-865-6088) and its multiple painted announcements: Allie's donuts are on location. I had no ready cash so I filed the info away for another day. Yesterday at 7:30 a.m. I headed back, bucks and backpack with me, only to find it wasn't open yet! Not in the mood for bagels. What to do?
Down the block is a Portugese bakery I've been observing. SILVER STAR BAKERY (150 Ives St,  401-421-8013) is open early and there are lines at the counter. Customers, mostly men, arrive in cars and pickups and exit the bakery with multiple bags. So plan B for me resulted in multiple raised glazes (with chocolate icing and without) a big long curlicued pastry which was basically a big long curlicued raised glaze, and the Portugese version of Italian fried dough. Our tasters complained that the fried dough was just chewy bread with sugar - they ate it all while noting this. The doughnuts, however, were light, satisfying and appropriately sinful.

by the way, the regulars all ordered bread, nothing sugary at all


  1. what's that bread on the right with the white circle at center?

    doughnuts better/worse than allie's?

  2. sweet bread with a hard-boiled egg. hard to make comparisons between Allie's and Silver Star as the latter offers no variations, no sprinkles, no fillings. The quality of the basic raised glaze? as good or better.