Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pawtucket Wintertime Market


My first visit to this market was just a look-see. I never expected to buy everything we needed for dinner, and more. Now, out-of-town friends come along. I have bought produce at nearly every table and it has been consistently good. Here are a few favorite stops along the passage:

HOPKINS FARM (North Scituate, RI 401-647-7281). The Hopkins bring relishes, pork pies, a wide variety of root vegetables and a cooler of lamb from their Southdowns. My raised-on-a-farm friend wanted to try the Southdown lamb so we purchased rib chops. They are a little thicker than the usual supermarket ribs and they are not trimmed of all fat, which is in their favor when you cook them (not so fatty you set off the smoke detector) but means you do some trimming as you eat. They are delicious. We are return buyers of the ribs and the green tomato

Pork in most forms is popular at our house. From the HILL FARM (Foster, RI 401-464-5996) we have purchased a rack of ribs (fall-off-the-bone tender), hocks, and best of all, PORK hot dogs. The frankfurters have no nitrates, no phony flavors and probably lots of extra calories. If you are a true fan, these dogs are for you.

Buy oysters on Saturday and they will sleep in your refrigerator for a couple of days so get them even if you already have weekend plans.  MATUNUCK OYSTERS (Matunuck, RI 401-932-4946) is a regular stop on our food trail.  I don't know oyster lingo but these are so good and fresh you feel like you're at the beach. Matunuck sells clams and sometimes fish at the market but the mainstay is the oyster.

And stop at the Harmony Hill Farms (Glocester, RI 401-949-3902) table for bread and butter pickles to serve with those hot dogs.

             what's with applewood smoked bacon appearing on every menu?

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