Monday, February 17, 2014


After sampling a fair amount of Providence pizza including famous name slices on Federal Hill, I've settled on Fellini Pizzeria (166 Wickenden St, Providence  401-751-6737) as the go-to place. In the company of guests and friends I've made regular pilgrimages to Fellini's in the last couple months, too regular, enough that should I make a Lenten resolution it will be: No Fellini pizza.

It doesn't help that I pass Fellini's all the time - it's on my walking route, seconds from the gas station, adjacent to art supplies, across from Adler's Hardware and visible every single time I exit 195 for South Main. What's so great about it? For starters, the super thin whole wheat pizza crust, crust that nobody leaves uneaten on the plate. Plain old pepperoni pizza is excellent here but a slice of steak and scallion is my favorite. And there's Philly steak and white pizza which is garlic-infused and really good. You can order any combination you want but if you're a walk-in looking for a single slice it's fun to just try what's on the shelf.

Open every day   166 Wickenden Street    401-751-6737

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