Thursday, December 5, 2013


Move your head away from chocolate gifts for a moment and consider apricots.

Lovers of glacéed apricots know that at Christmastime Williams Sonoma ( is stocked up with boxes of delicious apricots, plain and chocolate-dipped. Very pricey ($42-$45) to be sure.  But know this: if you order chocolate-dipped from Williams Sonoma you will receive apricots in perfect shape, chocolate intact. That wasn't my experience when I ordered through Amazon - the California vendor sent good apricots but they arrived in a jumble with all the chocolate broken.

And take a look at this site: for a good selection of luscious California apricots ($38 for two lbs). Andy Mariani runs Andy's Orchard in the Santa Clara Valley.

drying apricots in California 1905 - Orange County Archives

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