Monday, April 22, 2013


tea area
Meandering along the coast, a friend and I were ready for lunch when we arrived at Pawtuxet Village, a scenic R.I. spot as historic as Providence itself ( We were looking for a sandwich or salad and walked into The Elephant Room (2170 Broad Street,  401-461-2170) without
reading the menu posted on the door. Elephant Room is a modern tea-room with coffee, wheat-grass shots, wi-fi and bring-your-own-bottle privileges. And no sandwiches, only crepes, sweet or savory. We stayed, but I worried, envisioning soggy, spongy concoctions which are what you get most everywhere. No faith at all. What arrived? Beautiful crepes, folded into squares, filled with fig, proscuitto, and whatever else we ordered, and topped with peppery baby arugula salad tasting of lemon. Sometimes you get lucky ...

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  1. I wanted to know about the food & dining scene in Providence (moving there soon), and someone on Chowhound kindly guided me to your blog! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for keeping up this great blog!