Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Email by tomorrow, January 29, to reserve your place at the February 7th (Saturday) celebration of Scotland's beloved 18th century poet, Robert Burns, at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet (60 Rhodes Place, Cranston). There is a traditional haggis ceremony, dinner (your choice, prime ribs or vegetarian), and music by the Rhode Island Highlanders Pipe Band and Sean Connors and the Irish Express (which Ireland are we talking about here?).

A Burns supper (usually near or on the poet's birthday, January 25) is not a random event. The ceremony includes The Selkirk Grace, a piping-in of the haggis (savory pudding which people tend to love or loathe), recitation of Burns' Address to a Haggis, scotch, dinner, a talk about the poet, salutations to the "lassies",  and replies to the "laddies". Read more at

The tickets are $55 for adults and $25 for children under 12. Email the above address to see what's included. Reserve by tomorrow.

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