Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Edwards' (Surry, Virginia 1-800-222-4267) Virginia hams are my go-to hams (old post: ). You can order small hams, giant hams, fresh hams or smoked hams but always popular is a little one - the Petite Boneless Ham. Looks are deceptive; the ham is flavorful, salty (definitely not a holiday spiral ham) and meant to be sliced thin. A little goes a long way.  

Edwards also cures their own version of a traditional Spanish ham. It's called American Surryano and last year we tried it, and loved it. Maybe it won't trick your friends from Madrid, though it might.You can buy a bone-in whole ham, a boneless ham or four vacuum-sealed 3-ounce packages of ultra-thin slices. Whole hams begin at $200 and then you need to come up with a surgeon friend with the right knives to produce paper thin slices. We bought the vacuum-sealed slices ($34.95 plus shipping) and it was enough to stretch through two cocktail sessions of eight+ persons.

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