Friday, August 31, 2012


The plan is to eat at every waterfront restaurant in Bristol, Warren, East Greenwich, etc. It looks, from the street, like Wharf Tavern (215 Water Street, Warren  401-289-2534) has an enviable view so we gave it a try. What's to say? First, what you think is an upstairs deck is not. The only deck space is a narrow band around the indoor restaurant (which has a Holiday Inn kind of look). We sat outside and it was a lovely night - setting sun, boats heading in and out, breezes. The menu is very long (red flag) and has chicken fingers as an option (not a good sign in my book). The mussels were served with a tiny bit of broth (which wasn't good and it's so easy to make delicious broth). The scallops and swordfish tasted the same, maybe because they were both topped with a garlicky butter before serving. Best not to describe the pale green broccoli.

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