Saturday, February 4, 2012


Bravo Brasserie ( was packed, a lot of people taking advantage of the two-for-one special which came with a free bottle of wine. We did, however, have to ask about this special as the info wasn't forthcoming from the bartender. We took a look at the menu but rejected the option in favor of burgers which were good but not great.

• Bacaro ( was also crowded but it often is. Again, had to ask about the restaurant week menu which then appeared rapidly, handed over by a smiling waiter. This time we ordered from the special menu which included a choice of two salads, three entrées and three desserts. Chicken good, fish better, one dessert too wee, service great. But why bother? Save money by ordering a most fabulous grilled pumpkin pizza, have a single glass of wine and go home. This we did, the pizza part anyway, a week later with guests who plan to return.

CAV ( had an impressive short restaurant week menu (which appeared immediately after we sat). My impression: CAV wanted to convert you to regular patron by offering a truly good deal. And it was a good deal. There's something a little weird about the setting - a sea of Turkish carpets and textiles beneath what seems like dozens of chandeliers - but it's fun. One BIG (easily-fixed) flaw is the table decoration: a single tall rose in an ugly cheap vase.

Do restaurant weeks work for the restaurants?

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