Thursday, November 17, 2011


Here's a field trip from Providence. Drive to Tiverton Four Corners (Wednesday - Saturday is best to be sure most stores are open) and browse the shops.

Look at handmade porcelain tiles at Rosemary-Winn Pottery (, get top-grade parmesan cheese at Milk & Honey Bazaar (, peruse pricey but well-edited furniture and home goods at The Cottage at Four Corners (, visit art galleries, The Donovan Gallery ( and Gallery 4 (, ogle high-priced jewelry at Tiffany Peay (, pick out children's clothes at Little Purls (, view all things blue at Nankeen (, buy garden decorations, cards and gifts at Courtyards (, ponder an antique or two at Peter's Attic.  

Then, relax with a sandwich at Provender (3883 Main Road, Tiverton  401-624-8084) before it closes for the winter. Buy a couple of their terrific cookies to save for later.

The last step: cross from Provender to Gray's (401-624-4500) and indulge. Maybe it's best in summer, but a Gray's ice cream cone is still excellent in the fall. And now you can have the so-called seasonal flavor, pumpkin, in a home-made cone. It's autumn-evoking even though it is about as appealing as Mission Fig (a Daily Scoop flavor, truly good) to some people I know. In any season, enjoy mocha chip, peppermint stick, chocolate walnut and black raspberry.

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