Friday, June 4, 2010

Recently Opened: Harry's Burgers & Beer on North Main

HARRY'S BURGERS & BEER (121 North Main St, Providence 40-1228-7437) has opened. The goal is to become a neighborhood place serving inexpensive burgers, chicken BLTs, hot dogs, beer, beer, beer, and brownies. They've put in a serious grill for the burgers, which are half price between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Best news, food is served until midnight. You can eat after the movies which isn't so easy to do in Providence, Rhode Island.

It is tiny downstairs where the bar and deluxe grill are located and to keep things moving apace there is a lot of waitstaff. Seating is at the bar, stools at a wall bar and high tables in the back by the grill. More seating is upstairs in a curiously styleless room. My friend I were there to sample the burgers (and the red speckled hen on tap and the brownie); one of us stuck to Harry's basic cheeseburger, the other opted for a version jazzed up with barbecue (this maybe should be illegal). And onion rings. All the burgers are sliders (so sick of this - too much roll), two to an order.

Onion rings came first. They are skinny (plus), maybe too skinny as there's not quite enough onion to out-flavor the batter (minus) but all were devoured. Here's the deal on the burgers (barbecue issue aside): there's no ordering rare, medium, etc. - all burgers are cooked exactly the same way. A round ball of ground beef is placed on the grill, quickly flattened and seared, topped with the cheese and slid onto the buns (soft, a plus) with the onions and lettuce and some sort of dressing. It's a good taste, kind of addictive, and while I was eating the second bitty burger a thought flashed through my brain - I know this taste. It's very famous, world-renowned in fact. Welcome to Harry's Burgers & Beer, a downtown, 2010 version of a drive-through taste.  Not sure I need this. Drive past the brownies.

p.s. it seems to be working - people are finding it

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